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by eatyourpeas

medical apps designed and built by doctors

Resources for patients

'Diab-eaties' won third prize in NHS Hack 2015 with its games for children with type 1 diabetes... Jamie the Giraffe navigates the Milky Way, learning all about type 1 diabetes along the way.

Jamie Giraffe

Education and Training

'Refract' was developed to help trainee optometrists learn how to select the correct lenses for patients. The volunteer patient time the trainees get is limited, so refract helps them to practice outside the clinic. Students refract virtual patients and notch up times. They can compete with each other to be the fastest.


National Resources for Medical Teams

'MARSIPAN'is a national group of clinicians who stand for best practice in the management of patients with eating disorders. The website is more than just a sign-post for professionals and patients. It contains a BMI calculator that draws on national growth chart data also.


Apps for medics

'Bone Age' was developed to help paediatric endocrinologists score bone ages from hand x-rays. This is a skill all paediatric endocrinologists have, but they have to resort to plugging their scores into computer-based software or use a book to generate a meaningful result. Bone Age allows them to score an x-ray in minutes in clinic. It is available on the iPhone and on Android.

Bone Age

Apps for Medics

'ClinicCalculator'is a mobile phone app which calculates ages from a clinic date and a date of birth. It takes into account gestational age of babies born premature, and can report decimal ages also.